The Wanton Imp

So it begins...

First things first but not necessarily in that order

After being drawn together at the Traveler’s Rest Inn, the adventurers meet Damystra, part time waitress, part time adventurer, and young blood mage. She has found a small job that she would like help with, it may just be rat catching but it pays well. For their own reasons the others, a young gnome monk named Boddynock, a half-orc diplomat, a human hunter, and a renegade drow sailor, agree to join her on the late night job.

While waiting in the inn for Dimystra to be off her waitress shift the others (still not a party…) overhear many rumors of local unrest. It seems a new group has sprung up to challenge the vaunted Grinning Ogre thieves’ guild in Ercon’s Gate. No one knows the number of or identities of the members of this new group. Whereas the location of the Grinning Ogre’s guild hall is an open secret, the location of this new group is not known. It is believed by many that the Guild would pay well for information on this new group, the civic guard would like information about both groups, and local businesses just want the thefts to stop and don’t care how. Listening for snatches of conversation the following is heard:

“…Black cloaked figures have been seen in the alleys late at night…”
“…I’m scared for the little orphans, hope they don’t get hurt if warfare breaks out…”
“…A dark wizard has stirred up the night creatures to take over the city…”
“…A traveling show recently came to town, it’s quite a show (Reagan’s Cirque du Faeles)…”
“…The civic guard are harassing anyone out and a bout, take care that they don’t think you a threat…”
“…This city is built on the bones of a forgotten settlement and is the reason for the trouble we are in…it’s a curse…”
“…This trouble is all due to the Wanton Imp…”

But what is true and what is just superstition and paranoia…time will tell.

So off the group goes to the vintner to rid his cellar of rats, at 2 silver a head it is not too bad for a quick nights work, right. Soon however, the party finds that rats of a more sinister nature have been using the vintner’s cellar for a smuggling operation. But is it the Grinning Ogre or this new group? Many tunnels to explore to know for sure, but hey they found and dispatched 30 rats so far, so they will still get paid.


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